16th October 2023

Tracing Family Members – Erin International assists in identifying and tracing previously unknown siblings.

Erin International recently featured on RTE Radio’s acclaimed series “Doc on 1”.

PJ Hogan, Senior Genealogist at Erin International recently assisted Fermoy man John Richard, who was attempting to establish the identity and whereabouts of who he believed was a half-sister in the UK.

At the age of two, John’s father abandoned him, his mother and brother, when he left Ireland and departed to England. John and his brother were raised under the impression that their father had died when they were young.

Twenty three years later however, John’s mother received a letter out of the blue from his father who asked if he could return home. After much consideration, John’s mother agreed that he could return.

An emotional reunion followed, where John welcomed his father home and bonded with him over time.

Then, 18 months later, a second letter arrived, which had been sent by John’s partner in the UK. She was threatening to send John’s father’s seven year old daughter over to Ireland if he did not return home.

On a bus home from work one day, John looked through the window and saw his father walking down the street with a suitcase under his arm. Without saying goodbye, John’s father left for a second time. That was the last time John would see his father.

Fast forward 50 years, John’s mother and brother have passed away. John now has a yearning to trace and meet the “Girl In The Letter”.

With PJ’s assistance, John is astounded to learn that he has not one, but five half-siblings in the UK.

“Being able to help people like John is my favourite part of what we do” said PJ.  “Our research can yield life-changing results for people which makes our work very satisfying indeed”.

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Published On: October 16th, 2023

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