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Servicing legal profession to assist in tracing missing beneficiaries and unknown next of kin

Probate Services

  • An elderly couple, a woman with white hair and a man with a beard, smile as a woman reaches across the table to shake their hands as part of an administrator search
    Administrator Search

    Tracing an Administrator for an Unclaimed Estate

  • A laptop with a pair of wired headphones lying on top beside a coffee cup indicating a person has just been doing some CPD learning
    CPD Learning

    CPD for Irish Solicitors

  • Family photographs in a small pile - the top photograph is a vintage photo of a baby, indicating a family tree
    Family Tree Check

    Checking a Family Tree

  • A pair of man's hands hold a large document of white paper with a pen in hand. He is filing through paperwork to investigate missing beneficiaries
    Missing Beneficiaries

    Finding Missing Beneficiaries

  • Two people dressed in suits study a document with pen in hand. Erin International help clients retrieve missing documents
    Missing Documents

    Obtaining Missing Documents, Certificates and Probate Papers

  • A document and seal - Erin International helps search for missing documents
    Missing Will Service

    Find a Missing Will

  • A document and seal - Erin International helps search for missing documents
    Overseas Services

    Do you require assistance with probate matters overseas?

  • A document is held in the hands of a professional man - another man sis across the table to indicate a probate pre-check
    Probate Pre-Check

    Our quick-fire probate pre-check solution has a rapid turnaround.

  • A picture of a legal scroll with fountain pen atop and stamper for a wax seal representing a probate query
    Probate Query

    Do you have a general probate query? Need  an introduction to a service provider?

  • A small white model house sits on a table beside a clipboard, with a person writing, indicating Erin International's range of property services during the probate process
    Property Services

    Property Services for Solicitors

  • A sign saying 'Private Property - Trespassers will be prosecuted' to indicate Erin International's S.49 application services
    S.49 Applications

    Claims for Adverse Possession

  • A woman shows a man a paper across a table. Erin International are experts in tracing unknown next of kin
    Unknown Next of Kin

    Tracing Next of Kin Worldwide

  • Two vacant properties with broken windows and faded facades
    Vacant Properties

    Finding Owners of Vacant Properties or Land

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