Finding Owners of Vacant Properties

We trace owners of unused lands and property worldwide


Erin International has been involved in the research of vacant property and unused land for many years.

There are numerous circumstances as to why a property may become vacant for a long period of time, and we have encountered many such scenarios in our years of researching empty homes and lands.

We work with members of the public, housing officials, local authorities, housing associations and government officials to try to source vacant properties so that they can be brought back into use for either private or social housing.

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Tracing Services for Local Authorities

We provide a number of tracing services to local authorities and approved housing bodies.

Expert Research

Our experienced team understands the nuances of navigating registered and unregistered land when trying to establish title.

Couple this with our knowledge of succession law and  our tracing capabilities, and we can provide an effective solution to help bring empty property back ino use.

Bereavement Services

If a city or county council experiences the unfortunate circumstance where a person dies and their next of kin are unknown, we offer our  tracing services free of charge to that referring authority.

Our aim is to assist that city or county council in finding family relatives as quickly as possible. We often trace next of  kin within 24 hours which then enables that person to notify other known family members of the Deceased’s passing.

Availing of this service often means that the Deceased’s extended family relatives can attend the funeral and give that person a dignified final farewell.

Local Authority Services 

  • A man hands another man a set of house keys highlighting the Buy & Renew Scheme
    Buy & Renew

    We can introduce owners seeking to sell their property

  • An old family photo album showing black and white photos on brown paper. Erin Interational can trace unknown next of kin ahead of public funerals
    Public Funerals

    Tracing family relatives in time for funerals

  • A worker wearing gloves places a plank of wood alongside another - indicating the Repair & Leasing Scheme
    Repair & Leasing

    Government initiative to encourage reuse of vacant properties

  • A mans hands gesture in front a laptop computer to indicate a training programme

    We offer a free vacant property training seminar to housing staff

  • An aerial view of patchwork green fields. Erin International can trace ownership of unused lands
    Unused Lands

    We specialise in identifying and tracing owners of unused lands

  • A picture of a vacant period home with broken windows and missing door
    Vacant Homes

    Tracing owners of vacant property

Other Services

We work with coroners, hospitals, funeral directors and housing bodies should they ever encounter an unfortunate scenario whereby a deceased person’s next of kin are unknown and need to be identified and traced.

We often trace unknown next of kin within 24 hours.