Tracing family relatives in time for funerals

When a person passes away with no known next of kin, the responsibility of burying that person can lie with either the HSE or the local authority. In such cases, a person can be buried in an unmarked grave, and there may be few or no people in attendance at the funeral. Erin International work with local authorities and the Gardai to help identify next of kin ahead of public funerals.

When notified of cases of this nature, our aim is to identify the next of kin of the Deceased and to trace their whereabouts so as to notify them of the death.

We often can trace next of kin within 24 hours, meaning they will have an opportunity to attend the funeral of their relative. Erin International has a strong track record in tracing unknown next of kin ahead of public funerals. You can read about one such high profile case here.