Tracing an Administrator for an Unclaimed Estate

Erin International can provide an Administrator Search: this service was previously unavailable to legal practitioners and personal representatives in Ireland.

When someone passes away with no known next of kin, it can occur that the Deceased’s solicitor does not have a client from whom to take instructions. Traditionally in such circumstances, the estate would lie un-administered until eventually referred to the Chief State Solicitor as a final option.

If the estate remained un-administered and no claimants made themselves known to the Chief State Solicitor’s Office,  the estate would then be administered on behalf of the State (the Ultimate Intestate Successor).

With our Administrator Search however, we offer a more practical solution in that when instructed, we will trace the nearest entitled relative of the Deceased. We then introduce that person to you as solicitor so  that you have then have a client to instruct you to proceed with the administration.

When instructed in this manner, we carry the cost of all research and are paid by any heirs that we may locate.

This is a very practical approach that more and more professional practitioners are availing of to help shift long-term stagnant cases.