Tracing next of kin or legal personal representatives of Deceased accounts

As a financial institution, you may be aware that a particular customer has passed away and have a number of Deceased accounts on record.

As time goes on, it may appear that no one has come forward to lay claim to their assets.

In the event that a legal professional, executor or administrator does not make contact with your institution, and you wish to identify who might be dealing with the Deceased’s affairs, we can assist in two ways;

  1. Identify and trace the next of kin of the Deceased
  2. Identify and trace the legal representative or executor/administrator appointed to administer the Deceased’s estate

We understand that some accounts will lie dormant and eventually be dealt with by way of the Dormant Accounts Act. However, our service offers a more proactive and innovative approach to dealing with these matters and ensures that such assets will be reunited with their rightful owners.