Tracing Unclaimed Assets and Accounts

Specialist tracing services for the financial services sector

Assisting the financial services sector in tracing assets

Worldwide tracing of owners and beneficial owners of unclaimed accounts

Does your firm need to outsource its tracing requirements?

Our services extend to the financial services sector. We assist banks, credit unions, insurance companies and building societies when they need to trace the owners of unclaimed accounts.

Our Services – Financial Services Sector

Tailored solutions to suit your requirements

  • A stack of white letters with stamps being posted through the letterbox of a door. Erin International provide an address verification service.
    Address Verification

    Keeping in contact with customers

  • Typing on laptop close-up, indicating a researcher tracing next of kin on a Deceased account.
    Deceased Accounts

    Tracing next of kin or legal personal representatives of Deceased accounts

  • A man's hands, wearing a suit and holding a pen gesturing to another man holding a document and pen. Erin International help trace dormant accounts holders.
    Dormant Accounts

    Finding owners/beneficial owners of unused accounts

  • A picture of a pin code for a safe where items for safekeeping may be kept
    Items for Safekeeping

    Items in safe custody

  • Living status: an image of a white page with 'Certificate of Death' on top and personal information boxes. Erin International can determine the living status for financial institutions
    Living Status

    Check living status: whether someone is living or deceased

  • A young bearded man wearing a suit and glasses stares at a computer screen. Another man in a glass office is in the background. Erin International offer an unclaimed asset / owner identification service
    Unclaimed Assets

    Finding beneficial owners of unclaimed assets

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