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We offer a number of bespoke services to the life insurance and pensions industries.

  • Happy senior couple from behind looking at front of house and car. Warm tone with sunlight. Erin International offer an address check service
    Address Check

    Check whether a policy holder or pensioner resides at the address on file

  • A young woman speaks to another woman across a table. Erin International can help trace the next of kin of pension scheme deceased members
    Deceased Members

    When a pension scheme member or life insurance policy holder dies

  • A woman with a head set and microphone sits in front of a computer screen and appears to be speaking with a customer on the phone. Erin International work with trustees and administrators to trace pension deferred members across Ireland and abroad.
    Deferred Pensions

    Tracing Deferred Members

  • Happy elderly couple rest at tropical resort, back view: Erin International are experts in carrying out an existence check
    Existence Check

    Existence check: verify if your policy holder or pension scheme member is living or deceased

  • An older woman smiles while typing on her phone in front of a computer screen. Erin International can help trace members who do not come forward to claim their pensions in post-retirement

    Tracing Post-Retirement Pensioners

  • An older white haired man sits on a sofa, smiling and chatting on a mobile phone. Erin International can assist in helping to trace any pre-retirement pension members or their next of kin if necessary

    Have you lost contact with existing pension scheme members?

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